Military Veterans Teach at Success Academy

Success Academy is New York City’s largest and top-performing charter school network with 46 schools, serving 15,500 scholars. Success Academy offers opportunities for veterans: Leadership Fellows Program, Business Operations Manager, Network Office, and Teaching.

Leadership Fellows Program:

A two-year training program, which offers candidates an opportunity to leverage their professional experience and people management skills in the service of our schools. As a Leadership Fellow, you will support the Principal in school and staff management, while simultaneously mastering Success Academy’s approach to pedagogy by teaching full-time for the first year. During your second year, you will serve as an Assistant Principal at one of our schools, making decisions that are critical to the success of our scholars and our mission.

Network Office:

Serve as the backbone of our schools’ success through a non-instructional role at our Network office. We have a variety of open roles to match your skills set- whether it be crunching numbers, streamlining processes, or recruiting top talent.

Business Operations Manager:

The foundation of great schooling starts with ensuring our schools are joyful environments that promote

learning. School Business Operations Managers serve as core members of the leadership team and ensure high levels of operational excellence every day. They oversee daily operations and manage a dynamic team of professionals to provide our scholars with an unparalleled educational experience.


The highly selective Teacher Residency Program is a two-year, full-time salaried position for emerging leaders committed to making an impact in urban education. Our residency program gives individuals with non-education and education backgrounds the tools and training required to quickly become an exceptional lead teacher.

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Success Academy offers tremendous opportunities for training, advancement, and professional growth in a fast-paced environment. Your service to our country does not have to end with your military career. To learn more, email [email protected].

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