MVA & Project Thrive: Deconstructing the Bootstraps Mentality

Minority Veterans of America and Project Thrive present an online event: "Deconstructing the Bootstraps Mentality" on Wednesday, April 21, 7pm (Eastern Time). 

Bootstrapping, or building yourself from the ground up with nothing but the money in your pocket and a little luck, is a harmful myth that imparts personal ownership for circumstances and economic outcomes. For many that come from minority communities, this myth can be destructive and harmful when generational wealth and stable and equitable wages and careers have historically been out of reach.

The conversation will include:

Defining the bootstraps mentality and how it breaks our community

Discussion of how minority veteran leaders overcame the bootstraps mentality and myth to get to where they are today

Sharing of resources, and insights into using mentorship and networking to overcome the challenges minority veterans face in the workplace and world

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April 21, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
For more information · · 760-517-6682