National PTSD Screening Day

On Monday, June 27, 2022, the National Center for PTSD is launching National PTSD Screening Day, encouraging veterans and others who have trauma to start the conversation about recovery. Learning whether you have symptoms that might be PTSD is an important step to getting the treatment you deserve.

What is a PTSD screen?

A PTSD screen, or screening questionnaire, is a short set of questions. The screen helps you understand if your feelings and behaviors are related to PTSD. One screening questionnaire is the Primary Care PTSD Checklist, or PC-PTSD-5. The PC-PTSD-5 is only five questions. After confirming you experienced a serious trauma, it asks how that event may have affected the way you’ve felt or acted in the past month.

After taking the PC-PTSD-5, you add up your “yes” answers. If your score is three or more, you may have PTSD. The next step is to schedule an appointment to speak with a health care provider.

If you answered yes to one or two questions, and are bothered by your symptoms, you can still make an appointment. A health care provider can help you make a plan to manage the things that continue to bother you since the trauma.

Click here for more information and to find PTSD resources.

June 27, 2022 at 12:00am - 11:59pm
New York , NY
United States
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