Operation: Tohidu Melwood Veteran Services

Operation: Tohidu is an experiential and educational retreat designed for a growing population of warfighters living with post-traumatic stress, mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury, and other service-related traumas. “Tohidu” is a Cherokee word meaning peace of mind, body, and spirit. 

At Operation: Tohidu retreats, veterans focus on confidence-building, outdoor activities, and group discussion in a relaxed, positive environment, learning proven techniques for self-management of symptoms, stressors, and responses. Melwood Veterans Services offers retreats for men, women, and couples. 

The retreats are held at Melwood’s 108-acre Recreation Center in Nanjemoy, Maryland, a town named after a Native American tribe. In this peaceful and secluded environment, participants connect with nature and their fellow warriors to become educated about alternative techniques to better manage anxiety and post-traumatic stress. Guests participate in a combination of educational and experiential activities using an adventure-based counseling model and the challenge-by-choice principle. They are not forced to participate in challenges, but are encouraged to attend to support fellow participants.

Melwood welcomes veterans and active duty service members from anywhere in the United States. Anyone who has been diagnosed or is self-reporting with post-traumatic stress or other service-related trauma is eligible to attend. The 5-day retreat is free of charge to veterans and active duty service members, including accommodations and travel.

For more information and retreat schedule, please contact Travis Rahill at [email protected] or 301-599-4550. operationtohidu.org

Upcoming Retreats

February 5 – 9: Couples

March 5 – 9: Men

March 26 – 30: Women, MST-focused, waiting list

April 16 – 20: Women, waiting list

May 7 – 11, TBD

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