Overcoming Obstacles: Disability in Women Veterans Virtual Panel

Pamlico Rose Institute and co-sponsor East Carolina Veterans Coalition will host a Zoom Panel discussion Overcoming Obstacles: Disability in Women Veterans on March 19, 4pm (EST).

Women veterans are more likely to leave the service disabled, and interwoven with the consequences of the disability are gender-specific physical, social, and behavioral effects of their military service; higher rates of PTSD, often experienced due to military sexual trauma, depression, substance abuse, societal indifference to or lack of awareness of the identity of veteran by society overall and the community around them, and more profound, the impact or loss of identities that revolve around spouse, mother, and parent.

The panel will explore how being a disabled woman veteran makes the transition and reintegration into civilian life more difficult and/or challenging. The panel highlights accomplished women veterans and will explore the challenges of disability and the experiences of being a woman veteran through the prism of their daily lives. They will share their stories and offer thoughts on themes that reflect on the process of acceptance and healing. 

Hear from panelists, moderated by Robert Greene Sands, PhD, Pamlico Rose Institute, CEO:

  • Kimberly C. Boehm, Lt. Col. (ret.), USAF, MS, RD
  • Juliana M. Walker, Lt. Col. (ret.), USAF, MA
  • Ramothea L. Webster, MD, PhD, Lt. Col., USAF, MC, SFS
  • Wendy Emminger, Lt. Col. (ret.), USAF, MGM, MSA, RYT

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March 19, 2021 at 4:00pm - 5pm