ProVetus Mentorship Research Project

The ProVetus Mentorship Enhanced with NYC Dept of Veterans Services is a new research project. In this study, all Veterans will be enrolled in NYServes and be managed by a coordination team for services such as housing, employment, education, legal, and community involvement. Half of the Veterans (the experimental group) will also receive mentorship from trained and certified ProVetus mentors that were trained within the Resilience Center for Veterans & Families (Teachers College, Columbia U). For this study, there is no waitlist, so all Veterans will receive NYServes assistance. After completing the 16 month follow-up survey, any Veterans who didn't receive a mentor will be offered a mentor. 

Inclusion Criteria: you must be 18 years of age or older; have prior military service within the last 12 years; and currently reside within the NYC area (and anticipate staying within the area for at least one year) or will move to NYC area prior to December 31, 2018 (and anticipate staying for at least one year).

If you have recently transitioned out of the military, are living in or moving to the New York City area, and are interested in participating in this study and providing valuable information regarding Veterans for years to come, then click to complete the informed consent and initial survey. If you have any questions, please contact the research team at Teachers College, Columbia University, at 859-630-5975 or [email protected]


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