Ready Responders™ Boots on the Ground Exercise

The World Cares Center will bring together 300 citizens including students, veterans, and faith-based groups on April 27, 10am-3pm to practice their skills in the Ready Responders Boots on the Ground Exercise, a simulated disaster response exercise. Disaster response and management skills will be practiced including gas and fire safety, volunteer reception center management, mucking, gutting, and mold suppression, and emotional resiliency.

The exercise integrates World Cares Center’s core programs that close the gaps between training, communication, and execution, and provides an opportunity for everyone to use their unique skill set in a community-based initiative. The event is free to citizens and disaster volunteers, however registration is required. 

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Over the years, WCC has participated in a variety of simulations including an international disaster demonstration involving the public and private sector, a civil, military and volunteer-based preparedness exercise, and a simulated nuclear response drill.

While simulations are common among traditional emergency response actors and agencies, they are often inaccessible to hyper-local constituents and community groups.

WCC’s Ready Responders™ Boots on the Ground Exercise (RRN BOG) is an annual disaster simulation that brings together citizens, community leaders, the private and public sector, and municipalities to work together as they would during catastrophic times. Launching with planning, preparation, and a scenario development exercise in 2017, the RRN BOG presents a unique, and exciting opportunity for individuals to practice their disaster response skills, leadership capabilities, and collaboration with experienced agencies in the field.

April 27, 2019 at 10:00am - 3pm
Randalls Island Park
Randalls Island, NY
United States
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Dan McSweeney · · 202-486-1522

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