Safe Actions for Families to Encourage Recovery

Safe Actions for Families to Encourage Recovery (SAFER)

22 veterans die by suicide every day. Family and friends are often unaware of the veteran’s struggles with suicidal thoughts and urges. Veterans often hold back from seeking help from others.

SAFER offers a lifeline to veterans and a loved one of their choice in just 3 sessions by:

Teaching skills to recognize warning signs and develop a suicide safety plan jointly with your loved one.

Conducting sessions with clinicians experienced in suicide prevention and communication skills.

Your participation will help Veterans all over America.

For more information, call Savannah Grier, MA, 718-584-9000 and leave a confidential message with times you may be reached.

This is a research study being conducted by Dr. Marianne Goodman, Research Psychiatrist, MIRECC, 6A-44 (6th Floor); James J. Peters VA Medical Center.

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