Sebastian Junger PBS Documentary

Associate producer Laura Snow is looking for participants for an hour-long PBS documentary on what it means to go to war, featuring journalist Sebastian Junger and author/US Marine veteran Karl Marlantes. It’s directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Michael Epstein. The film will portray the experience of combat and its aftermath through the voices of combat veterans themselves. It looks at war as a universal experience that transcends geography and generations and will include veterans from a multitude of conflicts, without delving into the politics or individual histories of each war. 

The producers seek to answer the question of what is timeless and universal in the experience of combat through firsthand testimony. Because there will be minimal narration in the film, they want dynamic storytellers to share their experiences and speak for themselves, from why they joined the military to details of their training, combat, and eventual homecoming to civilian life.  If you're a combat veteran and interested in sharing your experiences, contact Laura Snow at [email protected] or call 718-935-9745, ext 124.

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