Test Administrator Position at Fort Hamilton

The US Military Entrance Processing Command is seeking a Test Administrator at Fort Hamilton in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  This is a permanent, GS-4 position with an intermittent work schedule and an annual salary range of $35,097-$47,346.

Candidates will administer tests in Military Entrance Test Sites, high schools and other educational institutions to individuals wishing to enter military service, using your own vehicle to transport test materials and maintaining security and inventory of the test materials.

Multiple locations available. This is an intermittent work schedule that requires you to reside within the local commuting area of your assigned duty location. Servicing areas for each location varies.

**Application deadline is Thursday, February 17, 2022.**

Job duties:

Conduct specified aptitude examination sessions at various high schools to determine individual ability in preparation for career exploration.

Conduct specified aptitude examination sessions at various locations to determine individual qualifications for enlistment into the military service.

Distribute, collect, and sort all test materials ensuring confidentially and security of test materials is maintained.

Brief applicants on completing forms and on testing procedures.

Resolve problems and issues during the testing sessions.

Conduct advance coordination with school officials and facility managers to facilitate proper testing environment.

Review applicant test admission forms for completeness and to ensure applicants are authorized to enter examination area and test.

Prepare test session/applicant packages for processing/mailing to appropriate office.

Conduct test sessions utilizing paper and pencil and/or computerized test formats.

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