TRR's Azimuth Check: Sweat Lodge

Attend TRR's Azimuth Check: Sweat Lodge on August 13, 7pm (EST). This webinar on Native American Sweat Lodge will be presented by Eric Mitchell, a member of the Dine’ Nation who has been conducting sweat lodge for 16 years.

First Nations people have utilized the sweat lodge for thousands of years, as a way of both sending young warriors off to war, and then welcoming them back into society. Before battle, the ceremony and the sweat would serve as a purification for the warrior, and through prayer and song and medicines used during the ceremony, the warrior emerged protected, carrying forth with them all the medicine, and prayer and support from the community. 

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TRR's webinar series is primarily for veterans, veteran service providers and licensed medical and mental health professionals who work with veterans, as well as yoga teachers who are currently or want to work with veterans. Each webinar is an in-depth look at one of the modalities in the Warrior Camp® program. The series shows why the entire program is based on understanding of Military Moral Injury© (MMI) and how this guides TRR's philosophy of warrior care. They speak of MMI in order to differentiate combat-related Moral Injury from non-combat or civilian "moral injuries," and TRR sees it as separate and distinct from PTSD.

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August 13, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8pm
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