Veteran Affairs Veteran Experience Program

The Veterans Experience Office is working with Deloitte to better understand the challenges our veterans face in engaging the VA and obtaining services. 

They want to explore hypotheses and test prototypes of new ways to better help Veterans connect to and access VA programs and services. Specifically, they want to spend time with 10 Veterans in New York City and 5 Veterans from a rural area of the Northeast, such as western New Jersey, Upstate, Vermont, etc. on July 12th – 14th (ideally, the rural Veterans live within 2-4 hours of NYC).

In order to test the prototypes, they hope to speak with Veterans who (ideally) fit the following characteristics: 

  • 8 Veterans: who are trying to engage with VA for the “first time”, either because they are recently transitioning from active service or because they have not been in touch with VA for many years. These Veterans are trying to understand what VA can do for them, what services and programs are available, and how to get started with VA.
  • 7 Veterans: who have recently (last 6-9 months) struggled to get access to primary care physicians (for either mental and/or physical care), have tried to access GI Bill benefits or participated in vocational rehab programs.

They’re looking for diversity of gender, race, age, and VA Personas as applicable. 

The team wants to spend about 1 hour with each veteran doing face-to-face interviews here in NYC as well as at least one rural location and will compensate veterans up to $40 for participating in this effort.

The interviews will take place from July 12-14th at the Regional Office (location tentative).

Contact Tony Davis at 215-873-6945 or 757-289-8666 for details.

July 12, 2016 at 9:00am - 5pm
New York
Tony Davis, Veteran Experience · 215-873-6945

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