Veterans Needed for Technology Documentary

Director Bennett Miller (Capote, Moneyball and Foxcatcher) is working on a new documentary about how we transform the world and ourselves with technology. The aim is to create a dynamic record of how we think and feel about the growing power of technology, its role in our society, and how we believe it will impact the future. 

Recent advances in technology are creating new urgency and relevancy to some of the most basic questions about life; Who are we and what are we doing? Where are we headed? We are interested in exploring how individuals from all walks of life see this extraordinary moment in history, and we want to learn what's most important to them as we gain the powers to do seemingly anything. 

They hope to connect with charismatic and thoughtful veterans based in the New York City area about their lives and their thoughts on the topic. Contact Caroline Cannon ([email protected]) to find out more information.

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