Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pins

Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island Vet Centers are recognizing Vietnam Veterans with a Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin. If you would like one mailed to you, register for the event March 29, 12pm (EST) here on Eventbrite.

The Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin is a lasting memento of the nation’s thanks. These lapel pins were created to recognize, thank, and honor United States military veterans who served on active duty during the Vietnam War period.

March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day and commemorates the sacrifices and service of Vietnam veterans and their families, honoring all veterans who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces at any time from November 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975, regardless of location. No distinction exists between veterans who served in-country, in-theater, or who were stationed elsewhere during the Vietnam War period.

March 29 was chosen to be observed in perpetuity as March 29, 1973, was the day United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, was disestablished, the day the last U.S. combat troops departed Vietnam, and the same day Hanoi released the last of its acknowledged prisoners of war.

March 29, 2021 at 12:00pm - 1pm

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