Warrior Scholar Project

The Warrior-Scholar Project is a free, one to two week-long college prep course for enlisted veterans or servicemembers. WSP is designed to enable a smooth and successful transition from the military to college through academic skill building, transition workshops, and immersion at top universities across the country. 2017 courses run throughout the summer at some of these locations:

Yale, Notre Dame, University of Arizona, Georgetown, Syracuse, Princeton, Harvard, Cornell, and more. Some locations may be waitlisted only. The deadline to apply is May 1. You will need to complete an online application.

Questions can be directed to Elizabeth Butlin at [email protected]

Apply here.

Courses are free. WSP is a nonprofit organization fully funded through donations. They provide free room and board on campus at each of the courses, as well as book sand course materials. Students are responsible for travel expenses to and from the course.

If you are on active duty, in the reserves or already separated, you may apply for WSP. To qualify, you must have a genuine desire to pursue higher education. It’s recommended to apply for WSP when you are about 6-12 months away from separation from the military.

If you’ve already started school, you can apply, if you have not already completed a Bachelor’s degree. However, the WSP is designed for veterans who are at the beginning stages of their transition to college.

Warrior-Scholars are encouraged to come to the courses for the overall experience and to take the skills they learn at WSP to the college that is best for them. If you want to apply to one of the host institutions to pursue a degree, great. However, you are not required or expected to do so.

Most of the courses are the same. All of the classic, one week-long humanities courses focus on the same curriculum. Students will learn the same core skills no matter which course location they attend. There will be slight differences in the overall experience from campus to campus, since each school has something unique to offer.

The course is designed to be an immersive experience. Since the course schedule is very full, it is required and easiest for all students to stay on campus.

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