Weill Cornell PTSD Research Study

Did you serve in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Do you experience:

Repetitive unwanted memories

Sleep problems or nightmares

Difficulty concentrating

Nervousness, jumpiness, or anxiety

You may be eligible to participate in a Weill Cornell Medical College 9-week research study involving the recommended first line intervention for PTSD: Exposure Therapy with or without virtual reality, combined with a low dose of D-Cycloserine or placebo, taken once a week on the day of the session only.


Weill Cornell is testing a new use of D-Cycloserine, which has been FDA approved for treatment of other disorders, but not for PTSD, and its combination with exposure therapy. All information is strictly confidential.

All participants will receive this free PTSD intervention. Non-active duty military personnel will be compensated for all completed assessments (up to a total of $350) and active-duty personnel will be asked to select a charity to which they want the money to be donated.

For more information contact the Program for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Studies at Weill Cornell Medical College, 212-821-0783, with locations in Upper East Side and White Plains.

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