Women Veterans Peer Group

On Thursday nights at 6pm, Boots on the Ground NY hosts its Women Veterans Peer Group at the Veterans Activity Center (2184 Pond Rd, Ronkonkoma, NY).

All female veterans of all branches and all ages are welcome.

There is a common ground, a unique bond that happens when people serve in the military, a friendship and camaraderie. When you leave the service for the civilian world, you find those same types of bonds and friendships hard to find. You miss it. Men are not the only veterans to miss it, women do too, but there are not many places out there for female vets to connect to other female vets. This will be that place. This group will offer the camaraderie and friendship, listening ears when you need it, many laughs, lack of judgement, and most important support from other vets. Please come down and join.

Frank Bania

Boots on the Ground NY

Founder & President

[email protected]

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