Yoga for Servicemembers and Families

Enjoy Yoga for servicemembers, veterans, and families at various locations around New York City with Connected Warriors, Inc.

CWI yoga instructors are trained in trauma-conscious teaching methods: improve resiliency, increase range of motion, manage stress, lower blood pressure, relieve chronic pain, increase patience, improve sleep.

For more information, email


Brooklyn Vet Center – Contact Doug George (718) 630-2830

Fridays, 1-2pm; 25 Chapel Street, Suite 604, Brooklyn

Manhattan VA Medical Center – Contact Lillian Sultan (212) 686-7500, x3632

Wednesdays 11am-12pm (men only); 12-1pm (women only)

425 East 23rd, Manhattan

Bronx Vet Center – Contact Mr. Bongioanni (718) 367-3500

Saturdays 2-3pm (beginning May 20); 2471 Morris Ave, Bronx

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